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Artists Spotlight: Elli Ingram

Elli Ingram

I have to admit my weakness for UK songstresses. If you’re not hip to the amazing talent that is seemingly bred within the UK, you’re total missing out! However, I plan to introduce a few of the amazing artists located just across the pond, and hip you to your new favorite artist. We first caught wind of the talented Brighton artist, Elli Ingram, when she dropped her cover of Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice, with a purring, jazzy twist to the popular Janet-sampled hip-hop track. Thanks to her youtube account, we were able to fall further in love with her as she laid her come-hither voice and rockstar sweetheart energy to tracks like Kanye’s Runaway, Bob Marley’s Waiting in Vain, and the popular, gritty, Watch the Throne track No Church in the Wild.

Many critics have vocalized that she sounds much like another UK native, Grammy winning heavy-hitter Adele. However, Elli’s musical style is all her own, as she lays her seductive lispy vocals over bass-thumping, hip-hop influenced beats, belting out heartfelt stories that urge you to tip the bottle, sway, reminisce and reach for the person nearest to you. Elli is currently on the come up, having signed with Island Records this summer, followed by the release of her 6 track tease of an EP, Sober. The EP features the re-mastered cover of Poetic Justice, plus 5 original tracks penned by Elli and produced by Felix Joseph and Rudi Redz. Ironically, all five tracks are about everything but sobriety, and mainly focused on being under the influence of alcohol, ganja, and new love – usually all at once. The truth is Elli has us all in the palm of her hand with this hazy, swoon-worthy compilation of jazz riddled, R&B channeling, hiphop-esque tracks.

Take the time to listen to the EP, it will be 21 minutes well spent, and I guarantee you’ll be left wanting more.



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Artists Spotlight: Elli Ingram