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Beyonce – XO


When Destiny’s Child had all eyes on them, as girls and women alike emulated their style, belting out tunes encouraging pro-independence for the female sex and putting dudes in their place, I only had one foot on the boat. Actually, I had one foot hovering just over the boat and I never took the ride; until Beyonce found her own groove and started collaborating with Jay-Z. Crazy In Love forced me to step onto the boat and admit I liked Beyonce, but her music was still a hit-or-miss for me.

The release of her album I Am…Sasha Fierce was, in my opinion, lackluster with a few (hardly three) songs that did it for me. However, her album 4 forced me to admit that she is, in fact, the queen. Her latest project, the surprise album Beyonce which dropped late Thursday, had me bowing down to praise the artistic genius that Beyonce really is. This album is a gritty, sexual, incredibly intimate, and undeniably stunning work of art – a feast for both the eyes and ears.

Team Beyonce confirmed Drunk In Love Feat. Jay-Z and Blow as the album singles, followed by  an infectious third single XO. It’s no surprise that XO made the cut as a single, it’s a carefree mid-tempo love song, oozing pop, begging lovers to be present and compelling you to dance…at least a little. The video is surprisingly down-to-earth, following Beyonce and her stylist through Coney Island while they dance, mingle with fans, and ride roller-coasters. If you’re not a fan of Queen B, this song may not persuade you to join the legions of people who are, but the album surely will!





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Beyonce – XO