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“In a world full of connected-disconnection, you have to capture your audience’s attention within 10 seconds in order to maintain the viewer’s interest. “

Capturing your audience with an authentic story, that’s the real art of branding. Seriously, think to yourself, “How can I connect to the person listening to my music, reading my book, or viewing my products online?” Just like in all aspects of life, not everything is for everyone…do not push yourself to reach a demographic that is not parallel with your craft. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready to take some notes when asking yourself these questions! This is about creating your story, not just any story; your story should inspire an emotional connection of some sort. Think to yourself: Why have you chosen your favorite musician(s), what is the emotional connection you feel with their music? 

In the early stages of creating a successful brand, you need to consider your name, logo, and visual imagery; including color selections or symbols. Those will be three very crucial keys to you maintaining your identity and individuality. Brands like Apple, and Xbox, all have an easily recognizable name and logo to accompany their visual presence. Both brands mentioned above dominate their sectors of the market and do so with the help of great storytelling. Apple tells the story of revolutionary technological advancements, while Xbox paves the way for HD and online gaming. When telling a story, you aim to connect with a person, ultimately creating a relationship. People need to feel as if they can trust YOU (the brand) before they’ll be willing to spend time, or money, on your “product”. 

In a world full of connected-disconnection, you have to capture your audience’s attention within 10 seconds in order to maintain the viewer’s interest. While different artists, designers, and various fresh entrepreneurs emerge daily, it’s your job to find a way to stand out from the multitude of others in your precise market. How can you personally engage with potential customers? Each touchpoint is an opportunity to build a relationship with a consumer; when sending out emails, posting on social media, or networking at a local event, you are presenting your branding to the world. Ask yourself: How are you being perceived? What message are you sending? How can this strategy be improved? 

While many try to separate branding, marketing, and public relations, the truth is that all three go hand in hand. Without a strong brand, you struggle with marketing tactics, which leads to poor public relations strategies. From thought to conception, your plan should include a long term structured story. You can start the story from any point in time and allow it to evolve with the growth of your brand.  A lot of great storytelling brands have a very strong set of core values as well. Core values are the foundation your brand is created on – the backbone of your company’s morals and standard of quality; all the way down to your personal beliefs, which become interwoven into your company’s principles and system of operation.  

When creating a new business, even in the startup stages, it’s important to lay the structure of your brand. What will you be known for? How will you reach your targeted demographic? What is the message you want the viewer to receive? Public perception of a brand can make or break the longevity of a company. Being successful depends on how well you can solve a person’s problem. So, what will your brand be known for?

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