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FLINT: An American Crisis

Flint, Michigan. Home to just a little less than 100,000 people (99,763 to be exact). Located in Genesee County, along the Flint River (More on that now infamous body of water later). Home to Hip Hop artists such as Top Authority, MC Breed and one of my personal favorite sh*t starters, Michael Moore. The target of so much drama over the past two years, the object of so much love shown by strangers near and far. I personally came back from a trip to Flint last weekend with RAKE (Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere) to donate 33,348 bottles of water, plus countless disinfectant and baby wipes. By the way, RAKE is going back in a few days with double that and an even bigger resolve to make a difference.

New Era Detroit at last count has organized and delivered donations topping 57,000+ bottles of water, the Game famously committed $500K of his own money in a partnership with ZeroWater (half of a committed total of $1M), Meek Mill used his Twitter fingers to challenge his rival of late 50 Cent to match his 60K bottle donation, and the list goes on and on. Even Big Sean, Diddy, Madonna, and Cher have all donated to Flint.

Why have the sons and daughters of Flint found themselves forsaken? Is it really for the sake of saving a few dollars?! Or is something more sinister at play here… besides modern-day stupidity and good old-fashioned incompetence? The United States is notorious for experimenting on poor people of color. Look at what they did to the brothers in the Tuskegee experiment or Vertus Hardiman & the children of Lyles Consolidated School for example. Flint is 56.6% Black according to the 2010 census. Much has been written about this so I’ll be quick.

Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder appointed a guy named Darnell Earley as the ill-fated Emergency Manager of Flint to make decisions on behalf of the city. This joker decided that it would behoove him and the city to switch their drinking water supply from Lake Huron by way of Detroit to the well polluted Flint River, which according to Michael Moore has been polluted by the 3 GM plants in the area and should NEVER have been a source of water (even GM stopped using the water as it was CORRODING engine parts). People started complaining two months later, and never received full disclosure about just what they were drinking and bathing in for over a year and a half. Now, 10 deaths later, and a crop up of lead poisoning and Legionnaires disease cases abounding, the water company is still charging citizens for their water bills, & the state of Michigan is preventing people from selling and moving away altogether, and threatening people with Child Services if they don’t pay. Oh, and they are being told it’s illegal to sue. Obviously, THAT’S B*LLSHIT. If you can sue for spilling coffee in your lap or any other frivolous nonsense you can think of, I would think you can sue for being INTENTIONALLY POISONED.

Our trip up there was eye-opening, enlightening, and rewarding to say the least. We hit 5 different areas in a 4-5 hour span, including opening up shop right there in one of the Hallwood Plaza parking lots, a low income housing apartment building, a retirement home, an apartment complex, (Where we had been beat to the punch by a group who was filing out in their U-Haul trucks after getting everyone living there) & finally, a local church. Myself, my lady, and my children were thoroughly exhausted, and cheesing like Prince Akeem walking through Queens being trailed by 30 Louie suitcases… but I digress. In this so-called “first world country” where a Midwestern city such as Flint can be subjected to “third world” treatment, who really gives a f*** about water?! I mean you only need it for everything.

Look, this is real simple. If you haven’t seen this one yet get your meme game up, Jack. If ISIS imaginary asses had pulled a stunt like this it would be World War III and another round of open season on those “evil Muslims” Trump loves to hear himself talk about so much. (I bet you won’t say that to King Salman’s face.) I guess if a white governor does it it’s just what? A mistake? An accident? An error in judgement? An excuse that I can’t even imagine yet as I type this scribe? I don’t know, but Darnell Earley, Rick Snyder, and whomever else is responsible for this fuck shit need to be arrested, tried, and convicted. But, we all know that won’t happen. If anything, they’ll just blame the black guy, as usual.



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FLINT: An American Crisis