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Hip-Hop Digital Catches Up w/ DJ Malone

dj malone

Hip-Hop Digital recently had the chance to catch up with DJ Malone from Chicago. The rising DJ has a few artists and projects in the works along with his own growing label. Although having has own brand you can him working along with Coast2Coast and MTMDJS.

Hip-Hop Digital: What’s good DJ Malone, how’s life?

DJ Malone: Life is going good. My two year anniversary just passed on February 16,2014! I just placed a few tracks out, one the biggest ones is called “Da WurkOut which is a dancing song and something you can workout to. I’ve also been producing songs and putting out mixtapes.

Hip-Hop Digital: You’ve been in the game for a little while now, what’s your inspiration for being a DJ?
DJ Malone: Just making people have a good time. As a deejay, I feel my job is to bring you to your best mood. When I deejay at a gig, I want them to not only have a good time, but to make it “that one night” you, friends, and family will always remember, and I want to be apart of that. Memorable moments is what I call it.

Hip-Hop Digital: How do you feel technology has changed the DJing culture?

DJ Malone: I feel like it handicap the DJ, Don’t get me wrong there are pros and cons to everything but I like the deejays who are just starting out. They don’t have to worry about the crates you had to bring in for every party. I wish deejays nowadays would take the time out to learn the vinyl instead of just getting on a laptop and calling themselves a DJ.

Hip-Hop Digital: Do you feel that DJing is more of an art that just a job?

DJ Malone: Yes, I feel like it’s a culture, a way of life. Back when deejays were the main focus to get your music played, “Who was breaking in the hottest artists” so I do feel like deejaying is more than just a gig.

Hip-Hop Digital: What are your preferred tools of the trade?

DJ Malone: I use new mark Ns7 which is one heck of a table set .

Hip-Hop Digital: Are there any artists right now that your working with?

DJ Malone: Just my artists that in my upcoming label ”DJ Malone Productions“, better known as “DMP”. Artists such as, FOE From Houston, Tony Raw from New York, Edoz Clazzicz, Rose Bush, Donae, Truck, Art Drew, Pintology. So be on the lookout for these artists

Hip-Hop Digital: Do you have any upcoming projects that we should be on the look out for?

DJ Malone: Right now just some mixtapes in the works: Chi Town takeover PART 2, and videos from some songs I put out. So make sure you guys stay on the lookout for that.

Hip-Hop Digital: Where do you see your self 5 years from now?

DJ Malone: Doing the same scale but bigger and better things, really taking my music to the top, and really going to movies and short films. Deejaying will always be the main thing, but taking my producing the next level. Maybe working with top names and just having DJ MALONE PRODUCTIONS be the best it can be.




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Hip-Hop Digital Catches Up w/ DJ Malone