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Hip-Hop Digital Catches Up w/ Ice Cold Jay

Ice Cold Jay

There hasn’t been too many artists to rise up faster than Nashville’s Hip-Hop Kingpin Ice Cold Jay; whom recently dropped his debut album, “Passport”. Ice Cold Jay has solidified his stamp on the Mid Tennessee region in multiple ways, not only is he a dope artist but he is a credible boss. Here is the exclusive one on one interview with the man himself!

Hip-Hop Digital: Ice Cold Jay, tell Hip-Hop Digital how you came up with such a name. Were you drinking a cold 40 when the idea hit you?

Ice Cold Jay: No, I got the name from having a ice cold demeanor. The way I rap matched with the way I operate. My first month in Nashville, back in 2007, I had 4 girls fly in from different parts of the US spending money on me. My close friend wouldn’t stop calling me Ice Cold, so it just stuck.

Hip-Hop Digital: That’s pretty cool. Its different and it definitely matches your rap style. Tell us about the first time you recorded a song? What was the name of the song and who produced it?

Ice Cold Jay: I recorded my first verse with a R&B group that are no longer together. We where in Columbus, GA. in someone’s studio I’d never met before and I remember falling in love with my own sound in early 2008.. Looking back now I sucked as a artist (laughing). But, I stuck with it and never stopped believing “I could be great”.

Hip-Hop Digital: You have certainty came quite a long way as an independent artist. What would you say are some of your biggest accomplishments as an artist?

Ice Cold Jay: Putting out my debut album “Passport” is my biggest step and accomplishment as a artist. It took me a year and a half to complete and I was tested mentally physically and spiritually. My patients were my great asset because I didn’t want to put out just anything. Now, I have a classic project that will be respected worldwide.

Hip-Hop Digital: Who are some of the producers on the album “Passport”? Did you work with any songwriters on this album?

Ice Cold Jay: No song writers but, all of the producers are on my team. Ogtha3, Matic Lee, Q, and Blaze314. Most of the artists on the album are Team Certified.

Hip-Hop Digital: I know most artists usually have a a group or label. Do you have a label? If so tell us about it and how it came about.
Ice Cold Jay: No, I’m signed to Outlet Records here in Nashville, which is a distribution deal. I am the CEO of Team Certified Inc, which is a up and coming conglomerate. We have everything in entertainment cornered from media, models, artist, DJ’s, photographers, and I’m part owner of Maehs Gin which is the only honey gin on the market.

Hip-Hop Digital: Not too many artists can say they have their own liquor on the shelves. Where can the people learn more about this liquor and buy it?

Ice Cold Jay: You can find out more about the gin on We are in 100 plus stores in Oklahoma, that’s where I’m from. We launch in Tennessee  in Early November which will be our 2nd state and we plan to add Texas and Georgia soon after that.

Hip-Hop Digital: Tell us about your relationship with CMGs Snootie Wild. How did you two meet?

I took my team to Atlanta 4weeks ago to do a show and photo shoot, where one of my models was requested. So, I took them all and took some Maehsgin (vodka) . Next thing I know we was all in the video (laughing). He a real dude and one of my artist Skrill Will is now working close with Team Yayo, everyone on my team knows our brand will be global in a matter of months. Meaning we not surprised at what happens we just working.. God already promised victory.

Hip-Hop Digital: What is the name of the Snootie Wild video that you and your team were featured on?

Ice Cold Ja: Made Me featuring K. Camp.

Hip-Hop Digital: That’s a real good look! They just premiered that video on BETs 106&Park. That’s an accomplishment within itself. Will there be any future collaborations with K. Camp or Snootie Wild?

Ice Cold Jay: Down the line I’m sure but I don’t want to give a time frame. Skrill Will just release a single with Snootie’s cousin Chiccan and works close to some of Snootie Management team. So, there is a lot in the works but I am not to worried bout collaborations at the moment.

Hip-Hop Digital: Your song “Never Met” featuring Tahiem is such a nice song. Something the ladies can vibe to. Does Ice Cold Jay have a special lady in his life? How did you and Tahiem come together to create such a masterpiece?

Ice Cold Jay: That’s the real Mrs. Ice Cold Jay in the video.Wrote the song for her. Tahiem is another artist on Team Certified. That song is 100% authentic, it’s the way I love music.  A lot of artist put on front or make their woman feel like they have to put out a image to get respect. I believe in being yourself and if they don’t respect that then get out my face.
Hip-Hop Digital: Who are some of the artists who inspired you?

Ice Cold Jay: Jay Z, Nas ,Young Jeezy are my favorites but, I love Tupac and Biggie. Rest In Peace.

Hip-Hop Digital: What are some of your favorite Tupac joints?

Ice Cold Jay: Picture me Rolling, Gangsta Party, California Love. I love how you can feel the emotion in every bar. He was the most complete artist I believe we’ve ever had. Street, but sensitive, political, and a rebel and very driven, along with being smart.

Hip-Hop Digital: Anything you’d like to say? Any shout outs or closing remarks?

Ice Cold Jay: Shout out to ever member of Team Certified, my family and friends, thanks to my fans and you thank you for the lovely interview hope we can work more. Please get my album “Passport” on iTunes if you love quality music.

Interview by Ashley Burentt



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    The Video was BEAUTiFUL & I LOVE the song!!

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Hip-Hop Digital Catches Up w/ Ice Cold Jay