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Hip-Hop Digital Interviews Alonzo Cartier


Hip-Hop artist Alonzo Cartier hails from Port Arthur Texas, now residing in Houston, Texas. Alonzo was once an under study for the legendary rapper Pimp C., and is currently working on his latest project entitled “Brick Wall Behind Me”.


Hip-Hop Digital: Who is Alonzo Cartier?

Alonzo Cartier: Alonzo Cartier represents the dreamers from the ghettos, intercity, slums who use strive and do whatever it takes to enjoy the finer things in life

Hip-Hop Digital: How long have you been in the game?

Alonzo Cartier: Started recording myself and others at 10. Got introduced to the “game” at 18.

Hip-Hop Digital: Who are some of the people who inspired you to put the pen to the paper?

Alonzo Cartier: Jay Z , Ugk, Outkast, Tupac, Biggie, Scarface.

Hip-Hop Digital: Out of all the songs you recorded, what song was the most personal to you and why?

Alonzo Cartier: Sunshower.. it was written after my mom beat cancer twice

Hip-Hop Digital: If you could work with any artists from your hometown, who would you like to work with?

Alonzo Cartier: I’m from Port Arthur, Texas so I’ve pretty much worked with everybody. Now, in Houston I’d like to work with Z-Ro and Scarface.

Hip-Hop Digital: Are you working on any new music right now?

Alonzo Cartier: Always working on new music. My  new mixtape “Brick Wall Behind Me” is due mid October 2014.

Hip-Hop Digital: Any collaborations on this mixtape? What producers did you work with on this project?

Alonzo Cartier: Actually went back to an old method when I first started rapping. I went to and searched for hungry producers. Also, one of my go to guys out of Orlando, Fanam did some work on this project as well. Any hungry producers out there please send heat to

Hip-Hop Digital: Out of the years you been rapping what can you say have been some of your greatest accomplishments? And why?
Alonzo Cartier: Addicted to the Money (Video) and attending SXSW.

Hip-Hop Digital: Where do you see yourself 2 years from now ? Where would you like to be?

Alonzo Cartier: On tour with a huge fan base..

Hip-Hop Digital: How do you feel about hip-hop today?

Alonzo Cartier: I love it.. I feel lyrics or definitely back in full effect as well as strong club hits.. I feel Chicago gets alot of flack for their content. But I feel chicago music is very necessary.. I love it all

Hip-Hop Digital: Do you have any last remarks or shoutouts? Run em!

Alonzo Cartier: Shoutout my crew Not Normal (NN), Averexx, Phreaky P, Fanam, Keith Kizer, Jeff, Skiptop, PartyBoyDJTrill, John T Brown @johnptesodmg_


Interview by Ashley Burentt



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Hip-Hop Digital Interviews Alonzo Cartier