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Hip-Hop Digital Interview's Duane Scott


Mississippi native Duane Scott, who has been singing for quite some time, recently he won an award, the “Bobby Womack Artist of the year”. Scott is currently working on new material to follow up the release of his new album entitled,  “I Am Duane Scott“, which is now in stores.

Hip-Hop Digital: Where are you originally from?

Duane Scott: I’m originally from the home of the late great Sam Cooke, as well as the late great Nate Dogg. Clarksdale, MS

Hip-Hop Digital: As a whole how long have you been doing music?

Duane Scott: I’m residing in Memphis, TN as of the moment I’ve been doing music every since i was 4 back at Haven United Methodist Church in Clarksdale. I’ve been seriously doing my own thing in R&B since around 2004 ish when I left the group i was in ‘Neutral’ to venture out on my own.

Hip-Hop Digital: How did you end up being apart of “Neutral”?

Duane Scott: Basically it was like most groups eventually end up. We just drifted apart. I still got love for my guy Ripp who got the group together. As a matter of fact one of my songs will be in his upcoming independent movie that he is producing.

Hip-Hop Digital: Throughout your career what will you say has been your greatest accomplishments?

Duane Scott: I can think of quite a few, but if I had to pick one it was being named 2011 & 2012 Knocdown/SCM Radio Bobby Womack Indie R&B Artist of the Year. That showed me that people were really digging what I was doing.

Hip-Hop Digital: Who are some artists you have done collaborations with over the years?

Duane Scott: On this new project I’ve collaborations with Miscellaneous, CashflowDolla, C.O., ChuckTayla, and Yung Kee. I’ve also done some collabs with K.L., No Soda, my guys FlightKlub out of ATL and a couple other artist. But I’m willing to work with anybody.

Hip-Hop Digital: Tell us about some of the artists you’ve opened up for…

Duane Scott: I was once on the verge of opening up for Keisha Cole once but the deal fell through. That’s one of the things that I am working on now. I haven’t really opened up for any major artist per say. I think this new album will put me in consideration and open some eyes toward opportunities of that nature.

Hip-Hop Digital: Tell us about your upcoming album. Who are some artists and producers you worked with on the album?

Duane Scott: On this project I’ve got production from one Memphis, TN best up and coming producers Kingpin Da Composer, but 90% of it is produced by Memphis Super Producer Johnathan ‘J Dav’ Davenport. I’ve got a song on here with Miscellaneous, I’ve got one with CashFlowDolla, and a remix with Yung Kee, C.O., and my guy ChuckTayla.

Hip-Hop Digital: Out of all the songs on the album, which one is your favorite and why?

Duane Scott: Now that is a loaded question. Can I say all 15? Once people hear the album they’ll see why from the feedback we’ve gotten so far. But, if I had to choose one it probably would be ‘Slow’. The reason is because it’s just that type of song. Once we finished dropping it and listened to it unmixed, we still had a look like, wow!

Hip-Hop Digital: If you could collaboration with any mainstream artist and producer, who would you choose?

Duane Scott: That’s easy, it would be Musiq, Mary J., and Ludacris. Producers wise,  DJ Mustard.
Hip-Hop Digital: Who is Duane Scott?

Duane Scott: Duane Scott is just a guy originally from the Mississippi Delta, that enjoys the whole creative process of being in the studio and coming out with something that hopefully people will enjoy. I’m not all caught up in trying to figure out who the best is, or who can or can’t do this or that. It’s all about the music and giving people something that they can enjoy. Hopefully that comes across.

Interview by Ashley Burentt



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Hip-Hop Digital Interview's Duane Scott