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Hip-Hop Digital Interviews Feed The Kids

Feed The Kids

Hip-Hop Digital: What’s good? How’s life treating you?
Feed The Kids: Everything is good; we just released our latest collection “Back for the First Time” so life is good.

Hip-Hop Digital: You guys are fairly new to the fashion industry so, who are “Feed the Kids?

Feed The Kids: Feed The Kids is a brand that represents us as individuals and the way we see fashion from its crazy eye popping designs, and vibrant color ways. Our brand represents fun, controversy, freedom and creativity.

Hip-Hop Digital: It’s hard to find people who share the same common interest. How did you two come together to create a successful clothing line?

Feed The Kids: We grew up in the same neighborhood and have been chums all since we can remember. We’ve always been into the same things as far as fashion, sneakers, music, just everything and we shared the same passion for the street wear culture. We came together after one of us tried to start a sneaker boutique that went nowhere fast and that’s when the idea of a t-shirt brand came alive, it’s like it was in front of us the whole time, we just had pursue it.

Hip-Hop Digital: Explain the inspiration behind your clothing line, Feed The Kids?

Feed The Kids: The inspiration behind Feed The Kids is just our love for street wear, fashion, hip hop and pop culture. Plus, the fact that we can make an impact on this culture that we’re passionate about.

Hip-Hop Digital: What genre is your clothing line geared toward?
Feed The Kids: We’re geared toward anyone from teens or who’s ever a fan hip hop culture, sneaker head, skaters and people who have an appreciation of street wear, and underground fashion.
Hip-Hop Digital: How do you plan to make your company stand out from others whom have the same goal in mind?

Feed The Kids: We plan on standing out by doing what we do best and that’s us, but also by staying relevant by paying attention to what’s going on in fashion, and everything that inspires us to come up with great ideas, to sum it all up stay consistent

Hip-Hop Digital: As an independent business what are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Feed The Kids: We’ve had to overcome a lot of things, from getting people to believe in the brand, also putting out designs that might not catch on as fast or catch on at all, packaging struggles, and the fact that you have to stick with it even though it seems like it’s going to never happen.

Hip-Hop Digital: How often do you guys plan to release new products? When can we expect something fresh?

Feed The Kids: Well we plan to release collections maybe two to three times a year with different colors of popular shirts out of each collection in between the major collections. But expect some New things This Fall / Winter

Hip-Hop Digital: Where can our viewers be in contact or purchase some of your products?

Feed The Kids: You can contact us Via email: You Can Purchase Feed The Kids at our Online Store & at Solaced Boutique in Tampa, Florida.

Hip-Hop Digital: Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us at Hip-Hop Digital!
Feed The Kids: We’d like to give a Shout out to Hip Hop digital for featuring us thank you



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Hip-Hop Digital Interviews Feed The Kids