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Hip-Hop Digital Interviews Macharo


Macharo is most definitely an artist who’s on the rise. The Memphis native by way of Chicago is a writer, ghost writer, and an independent original music contractor for a synch licensing agency. Macharo keeps himself submerged in music and is ready to take his shot at the top of the charts.


Hip-Hop Digital: So what are you currently working on right now?

Macharo: Right now I’m working on writing a few projects for a few upcoming artists, as well the singles I want to push for myself as well as the visuals that go along with it. Branding myself.

Hip-Hop Digital: Tell us about one the singles you are currently pushing right now

Macharo: The one I just dropped is called “Tattoo”. I look at tattoos as art. Its basically a modern look at not judging a book by it cover so to speak. Its about tattoos but when you really listen its about more than just the tattoo.

Hip-Hop Digital: Who are some of the producers you have working with you on some of your upcoming releases? Any collaborations?

Macharo: As far as producers for the next few singles that are dropping; N3, Web of The Machine, Johnny Juliano, Fingaz, Chizzy. Most of the collaborations are the other up coming artists that work with the team; Levo Beastly, N3, KaseyWriter, Austin James

Hip-Hop Digital: Who is Macharo?

Macharo: I dislike followers you know? I like to be different, outside off the box. I like being a trendsetter. My Mom always told me, the ones that were different were the ones that are most successful and had the most money. She always told us not to follow the crowd but, to question things and that would be the difference between us being ordinary and being great. So that sticks with me, and that just because you live or come from a certain environment doesn’t mean you have to be a product of that environment. That & spending time with my son is what motivates me. Sports, I love sports too.

Hip-Hop Digital: What football team are you betting on to go to the Superbowl?

Macharo: I’m a Bears fan, so of course I want to see them go again. If not them, I think it will be one if the teams from that division. Packers or Detroit.

Hip-Hop Digital: Yes, indeed! I agree with that answer there, man! I’m a Packers fan to the death of me! When it comes to music, who are some of the people to inspire you to be an artist?

Macharo: Lyrically; Faboloua, Pusha T, J Cole, Tech 9, Kanye West, 50 cent, common, Nipsey.

Hip-Hop Digital: If you could work with any of those artists right now, which one would you pick, and what type of song would you guys make?

Macharo: Probably 50, he’s laid back and smooth but seems to have more of an out going personality. I think we would make some really unique swagged out type of tracks.

Hip-Hop Digital: I listen to quite a few of your tracks and I agree with that. His sense of humor & his delivery on a track and your style would be pretty awesome! If you could travel anywhere in the world to do a show, where would it be & why?

Macharo: Between Spain & Japan. Both are places I want to go to visit. It would be cool to rock some dope, high energy shows in either place.

Hip-Hop Digital: As an artist, what would you say has been one of the highlight moments in your career thus far?

Macharo: Just working with the sync licensing company and having them hit me for new music for placements is great for me. Also, having other artists reach out and asks for my assistance with concepts, lyrics, ECT… is a feat feeling for me. I’m humbled by it.

Hip-Hop Digital: In this industry, you definitely MUST remain humble and work hard. Who are some of your favorite independent artists that are on their grind right now?

Macharo: Definitely the ones I mentioned above that work with my team and my guy from the Philly area, Jordan Harter.

Hip-Hop Digital: Where can people check you out?

Macharo: Any where you buy music. iTunes, Beats App, Rhapsody, Spotify, Google Play, ECT… You can find me on Instagram and Facebook. Also, my guy Levo Beastly just dropped his mixtape #OIYK and I’m featured on his joint called “Shake”. Everyone can check that out as well.

Hip-Hop Digital: Any last remarks?

Macharo: Enter that tattoo contest so they can win lunch with me and free tattoo session paid for by me. Look out for the next singles coming in the next few months, I have giveaways/contests for those as well. Shouts to N3, Rob S in grand rapids, Jamie Earwood, DJ Smooth, Roderick Orange, DJ Marty McFlyy, DJ Tre, Luv & Blu Foxx. Thanks to the fans & supporters & thank you as well. Much appreciated.


Interview by Ashley Burentt



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Hip-Hop Digital Interviews Macharo