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How to Raise A Black Son in America


In this TED Talk video Clint Smith breaks down what it’s like to raise a black son in America, hitting the nail right on the head. I now, sit in the seat of Clint’s parents, raising a black son… in America. It’s a sad truth that we still have to face these fears in 2015. Young unarmed, innocent black citizens are being murdered. Not only by cops but other intimidated folks of all races. It’s tragic that the color of our skin can cause people to fear and panic upon a chance face to face encounter. Stereo types are now controlling whether a human lives or dies, dictating our futures.

I’m sadden by the fact that in another five years I will have to sit this beautiful, smart, young child down and explain to him that because he has brown skin, there will always be a target on his back. Not just from his peers whom have been raised to be prejudice, but also from the police sworn in to protect and serve. Clint stated via social media that this talk was inspired by the murder of Tamir Rice. Being from Cleveland, Ohio and watching that whole situation unfold, it scared me, although I knew it was my city’s turn and not our first.

In 2011 the Cleveland police gunned down an innocent man and woman because their car back fired. The police chased them, cornered them, and used over 130 bullets to end their lives. One officer took it upon himself to get on top of a police car and fire his weapon repeatedly, even after the others demeaned them no longer a threat. We’ve watched state after state, city after city, as we allow these rogue police officers to commit unjustified murder and continue to work in law enforcement. People said it would stop with a “Black President”, I feel that it’s only gotten worse. How many more black lives have to be lost before people realize we our families too?



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How to Raise A Black Son in America