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Robbie Jaggz ‘Wat U Sayin’

Cleveland’s own Robbie Jaggz wants to know Wat U Sayin’ on his latest single. This track is off his recently released EP, Round 1: Shots On Me which can be found on various streaming platforms. 

ROBBIE JAGGZ, formerly known as Young Legend, is not an artist that will ever have to “peddle backwards”. He is the breath of fresh air that is needed in the “rap game” today. His lyric foundation is seated in the realm of inspiration and his raw use of metaphor leaves you mesmerized.
He has a calm demeanor in person that makes listening to his lyrics and delivery a captivating yet dichotomous experience. His explosive energy, electric lyricism and head banging “cuts” are entertaining and thought provoking.



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Robbie Jaggz ‘Wat U Sayin’