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Please take the time to get to know and network with the staff of Hip-Hop Digital. We all take our time helping to build a strong platform with both the known and unknown artists, DJs, clothing lines, and technology companies.



Kristy Steele – Founder of HHD/Director of Marketing

As a strong willed and self-motivated individual, Kristy Steele has ventured through various areas of the entertainment business. From coordinating projects and release parties, to the creation of multiple media outlets, Kristy Steele has been branding herself as a dedicated, hardworking, and loyal business woman since 2008. Covering a vast amount of ground Kristy makes sure that all of the design, photography, and marketing is kept in house by doing it herself.  Kristy also works as a graphics designer, publicist, and web designer.



Ms. Titi – Senior Editor/Journalist

Titi has settled into a cozy love affair with Cleveland, though she’s originally from southern California. She is a headstrong creative, passionate about her work and those she works with. Titi has spent years penning non-fiction and editorials, from reviews to biographies. She began working for HHD in 2011, and spends her free time as a designer for a small local creative company, illustrating, and working on unfinished stories.




So Sincere – Official Publicist for HHD/Senior Journalist

So Sincere has spent the better part of the last decade becoming the best business woman possible. Her passion for writing has led her to contributing interviews and articles for major hip hop websites, print magazines, and blog spots. While honing in on her area of expertise as a publicist and private consultant, Sincere works daily on mastering the art of networking as well. From being an invited guest on national panels and industry conference calls to attending shows, doing interviews and receiving awards, she remains humble with every step she takes on her path and prides herself on always making family first.



Ashley Burnett – Sales/Journalist

Memphis native Ashley Burnett has been in the entertainment industry for almost 6 years and in that time frame she has accomplished a lot. Writer, Screenwriter, Marketing Rep and Vice President of B&B Marketing/Management. From working with BET to Bad Boy doing marketing, Ashley continues to provide artists with an avenue to share their music.

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